Project Information

Reference Number 20020161
Project Title Overexpression in E.coli, Purification and Characterization of Thermostable DNA Polymerase from Local Hyperthermophiles
Project Type Contained Use
Status N/A
Name of Institution National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (BIOTECH),University of the Philippines Los Banos, College, Laguna,049-536-2721; 536-2724
Cooperating Institution none
Supervising IBC UPLB-IBC
Project Leader(s) Francisco Elegado, Research Assistant Professor
Experimental Facility/Site BIOTECH-UPLB, Laguna, Philippines
Purpose / Objectives 1. To produce thermostable DNA polymerase from Philippine isolates of thermophilic/hyperthermophilic bacteria.
2. To clone the DNA polymerase gene from local thermophiles in E. coli for increased yield.
3. To characterize the DNA polymerase produced by the recombinant E. coli.
Biosafety measures 1. Containment capability of laboratory
2. Sterilization procedures
3. Personnel awareness of biosafety procedures
4. Labeling/ designation of “risk” areas
5. “Biosafetiness” of equipment
Conditions for Approval N/A
Date Received 2002-11-21
Date of Approval 2002-12-06


Regulated Materials

Regulated Materials None
Source N/A
Subject Request of Dr. Marina Natural for proposal endorsement
Requesting Party Dr. Marina Natural, Chairman, UPLB-IBC
Action of NCBP Approved for Implementation