Project Information

Reference Number 19930014
Project Title Application and Improvement of Biolistic Transformation Methods (Addendum III) Genome Manipulation (CE1- 2)
Project Type Contained Use (Laboratory)
Status N/A
Name of Institution International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Los Baños, Laguna
Cooperating Institution Division of Plant Industry, CSIRO, Australia
Supervising IBC IRRI- IBC
Project Leader(s) John Bennett, Senior Molecular Biologist
Experimental Facility/Site Philippines (IRRI)
Purpose / Objectives 1. Optimization of conditions for biolistic transformation of rice using plasmids listed in Annex 1.

2. Determination of the effects of different promoters on gene expression in rice.

3. Plant regeneration from transformed calli of selected indica and japonica varieties.

4. Production of plants carrying genes of economic importance, especially insect and fungal resistance.
Biosafety measures 1. The transgenic rice produced will be grown in the Phytotron, a facility with
containment capabilities.
2. The flowers of the plants will be bagged to prevent spread of pollen in the environment.
3. Seeds will be harvested, stored and analyzed for successful transformation and enhanced resistance to insects and diseases.
4. All other materials will be destroyed by incineration.
Conditions for Approval N/A
Date Received 1993-04-26
Date of Approval 1993-05-24


Regulated Materials

Regulated Materials Plasmids
Source N/A
Subject Request of Dr. John Bennett to import certain plasmids
Requesting Party Dr. John Bennett, Senior Molecular Biologist, IRRI
Action of NCBP Approved for implementation

For issuance of permit to import plasmids by the Plant Quarantine Services, Bureau of Plant Industry