Project Information

Reference Number 20050199
Project Title (Revised) Bioefficacy Evaluation of Transgenic Cotton Gossypium hirsutum, Varieties with fused Bt genes cry 1Ab/cry1Ac (GFM cry 1A) Against Cotton Bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera Hubn.)
Project Type Contained Use
Status Completed
Name of Institution Cotton Development Authority (CODA),Cotton Research Center, MMSU, Batac, Ilocos Norte,(077) 792-3137
Cooperating Institution Aurangabad, India
Biocentury Transgene Co. Ltd. (BTCC)
Futian Shenzen, China
Global Transgene Ltd (GTL)
Nath Biogene (I) Ltd and
Nath Group Companies
Supervising IBC CODA-IBC
Project Leader(s) Ms. Magdalena C. Damo, M. Sc.
Experimental Facility/Site CODA’s Central Experiment Station, Cotton Research Center, Batac, Ilocos Norte
Purpose / Objectives • To screen transgenic cotton varieties from India with the China-developed fused Bt genes cry 1 Ab and cry 1Ac (GFM cry 1A) in terms of tolerance to the cotton bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera Hubn., and in comparison with their non-Bt counterparts, and local commercial varieties.

• To determine and compare the agronomic performance of the imported transgenic cotton varieties with their non-Bt counterparts, and local commercial varieties.
Biosafety measures N/A
Conditions for Approval Submission of the project proposal in accordance with the prescribed NCBP format.
Date Received 2005-11-09
Date of Approval 2006-11-25


Regulated Materials

Regulated Materials • Commercial GM cotton varieties • The non-Bt counterparts of the GM cotton varieties
Source Nath Biogene (1) Ltd by authority of the Biocentury Transgene Co. (China) Ltd.
Subject CODA-IBC’s endorsement of the proposal for NCBP approval
Requesting Party Dr. Victoria Cosico, Chair, CODA-IBC
Action of NCBP Approved for implementation