Project Information

Reference Number 20060214
Project Title Performance Evaluation of Insect-Protected Corn Line MON 89034 and Glyphosate- Tolerant/Insect-Protected Corn Line MON 89034 x NK603 Under Greenhouse Conditions
Project Type Contained Use
Name of Institution Mariano Marcos State University, Monsanto Philippines, Inc.
Cooperating Institution Dr. Victor V. Alpuerto
Supervising IBC Mariano Marcos State University IBC Monsanto Brgy. Quiling Sur, Batac Ilocos Norte IBC
Project Leader(s) Aida Solsoloy,Scientist I,Cotton Development Administration (CODA)
Experimental Facility/Site Mariano Marcos State University, Batac, Ilocos Norte
Purpose / Objectives 1.Evaluate and confirm under greenhouse conditions the performance of a new insect-protected corn hybrid/line, MON 89034
2.Evaluate and confirm under greenhouse conditions the performance of the new insect-protected corn hybrid/lune, MON 89034 when conventionally crossed with the existing glyphosate-tolerant corn hybrid/line, Roundup Ready corn NK03; and
3.Assess the crop safety of Roundup herbicide applied at various dosage and growth stages of the insect-protected/glyphosate-tolerant hybrid/line corn, MON 89034 x NK03.
Biosafety measures N/A
Conditions for Approval N/A
Date Received 2006-12-13
Date of Approval 2006-12-19


Regulated Materials

Regulated Materials 5 kg DK818 MON 89034; 5 kg DK818 MON 89034 x RRC2 NK603
Source US
Subject Request for review and approval of the NCBP
Requesting Party Dr. Stanley C. Malab, Vice President, MMSU
Action of NCBP Approved for implementation subject to compliance with the biosafety measures indicated in the proposal

For issuance of permit to import 5 kg DK818 MON 89034 and 5kg DK818 MON 89034 x RRc2 NK603 by the Plant Quarantine Service, Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI)