Project Information

Reference Number 20070219
Project Title Development and Commercialization of PRSV Resistant GM Papaya for Fresh Fruit and Papain Production: Confined Trial for Generation Advance and Line Selection in Candidate PRSV-CP Transformation Events (E-124, E-132 and E-142) and Other Biosafety-Related S
Project Type Confined Tests
Name of Institution UP Los Baños, Laguna
Cooperating Institution none
Supervising IBC UPLB Institutional Biosafety Committee
Project Leader(s) Desiree M. Hautea, Lead Principal Investigator/Product Manager
Experimental Facility/Site CSC-IPB Experimental Area, Bay, Laguna
Purpose / Objectives a.) To select T3 and further generation advance to desired T4 lines
b.) To conduct comparative evaluation of phenotypic characteristics of selected papaya PRSV-CP candidate transgenic events, transgenic lines
c.) To establish genetic and generational stability of the transgene and trait expression in selected events
d.) To monitor water use efficiency, aggressiveness/weediness, pollen flow
e.) To conduct physiological and compositional analysis of selected papaya PRSV-CP candidate transgenic events/lines
Biosafety measures 1.)All flowers will be bagged completely to prevent possible transfer of pollen to another papaya plants.
2.)The fruits will be harvested at the color break stage, that is, when a tinge yellow appears on the apical end of the fruit to avoid attraction of bats, crows and other animals.
3.)After the evaluation of fruits, they will be buried in a pit inside the trial site to prevent any seed spread.
4.)The 200 meters physical or temporal isolation in the GM crops shall be observed at all times through the duration of the trial.
5.)That proponent shall ensure the security of the trial site, field workers and the monitors. A 24-hour security guard will be provided.
6.)The proponents shall ensure that the workers and the monitors have access to health facilities as the need arises.
7.)The proponents shall ensure that only the authorized persons are allowed inside the trial site.
8.)The proponents shall ensure that stray animals are excluded from the trial site while the trial is being conducted. A two-foot wide plain GI sheet placed at the lower portion of the fence will prevent the entry of the rodents. Further, a thick plastic sheet placed below this GI sheet will ensure that mice, rats, lizards, and turtles will not be able to enter the trials site.
9.)The proponent shall ensure that the gate will be locked at all times during the conduct of the trial. A logbook will be provided to monitor the entry and exit of authorized personnel.
10.) After the trial, the trees will be cut down and chopped. The chopped plant materials will be buried in a pit inside the trial site.
11.) After completion of all the activities of the trial, the site will be monitored for the presence of volunteer papaya plants and shall remain fallow for two months while use of the land for growing papayas is restricted to six months.
Conditions for Approval a.) All activities be conducted in the designated fenced facility only, located at Lot F1&F2, CSC-IPB-UPLB Experimental Farm, Brgy. Paciano Rizal, Bay, Laguna;
b.) That only authorized personnel be allowed access to the said fenced facility;
c.) That the proponents adhere as closely as possible to the planting and monitoring schedule;
d.) That the modifications in the planting schedule and other activities could be made with the concurrence of the IBC and NCBP;
e.) That two-rows of non-transgenic papaya be planted at 20 and 40 meters outside the perimeter of the fenced facility to check the inoculums spread outside the borders of the trial site;
f.) That inoculated susceptible papaya plants be interspersed among the test entries to serve as sources of inoculum in the immediate vicinity of the test entries;
g.) That putative resistant entries be challenged by artificial inoculation with the virus of the harvest on the first 5 fruits;
h.) That the modified experimental design reflecting condition be submitted to the NCBP prior to transplanting of the test entries;
i.) That papaya plants shall be cut down when the plants show severe yellowing , leaf deformation and reduction in canopy size to limit the inoculum level;
j.) That all plant materials that have been cut down be first treated with bleach prior to disposal by burying as indicated in the proposal;
k.) That the NCBP and the Plant Quarantine Services, Bureau of Plant Industry (PQS-BPI) should be informed in advance of any visitations by unauthorized persons;
l.) That the NCBP and the Plant Quarantine Services, Bureau of Plant Industry (PQS-BPI) be informed immediately of any intrusions by unauthorized persons;
m.) That all plants and viable materials within the experiment area shall be accounted for;
n.) That all fruits shall be harvested at the color break stage;
o.) That the harvested seeds shall be weighed and or counted, properly labeled and stored at the IPB-designated facility; and
p.) That the additional requirements that the NCBP may impose, as necessary, during the experiment period be complied with.
Date Received 2007-07-10
Date of Approval 2007-10-13


Regulated Materials

Regulated Materials none
Source N/A
Subject UPLB-IBC endorsement of the proposal of Dr. Pablito Magdalita and his team to conduct a confined field trial at CSC-IPB Experimental Area at Bay, Laguna.
Requesting Party Dr. Adelina A. Barrion, Chairman, UPLB-IBC
Action of NCBP The NCBP after a thorough evaluation of the proposal found the proposal compliant with the existing R&D guidelines on biosafety. The Committee approved the implementation of the proposed activity on the basis of this compliance.