Project Information

Reference Number 20070225
Project Title Confined field test of pro-vitamin A enriched ‘golden rice’ introgressed lines of IR64
Project Type Confined Tests
Status completed
Name of Institution International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Los Banos, Laguna
Cooperating Institution N/A
Supervising IBC IRRI-IBC
Project Leader(s) 1. Dr. Gerard Barry
2. Dr. Parminder Virk
Experimental Facility/Site IRRI Experimental Station, Los Banos, Laguna
Purpose / Objectives 1. To evaluate the agronomic performance of pro-vitamin A ‘golden rice’ enriched IR64 introgressed lines (IR64 derivatives were derived by backcrossing of the original transgenic Cocodrei GR1 event 309 with IR64 (recurrent parent). The Cocodrei variety is not adapted or suitable for cultivation in Asia)
2. To produce rice crop with high ß-carotene content (provitamin A) to help combat the vitamin A deficiency (VAD) in the Philippines and elsewhere.
Biosafety measures • The site is inside IRRI experimental station which will be supervised during the growing season of the trial
• Seeds will be harvested and will be kept in hermetically sealed aluminum foil packages and stored in locked refrigerators designated for storage of transgenic seeds in Rice Biotechnology Laboratory, PBGB division, IRRI.
• After harvest, all stubbles will be ploughed back within the site.
• The site will be left fallow for 30-45 days after harvest. Volunteers will be ploughed back within the site.
• Access to the site will be limited for staff only and for IRRI-approved visitors.
• A logbook will be maintained to record the entry of personnel and approved visits.
• Movements of all materials will be done in compliance of all relevant Biosafety and phytosanitary requirements of the Philippines.
• In extreme case that an accident arises in the field site, all plant materials in the experimental plots will be ploughed back in the site.
Conditions for Approval a) the proponents shall submit a detailed schedule of activities to be undertaken during the test – from sowing to monitoring of volunteers. The schedule should indicate when the monitors should be present;

b) at least 15 days before the actual transplanting of seeded transgenic rice, the proponents will post a public notice describing the activity in a prominent place in the barangay hall of Los Banos, Laguna, and shall submit to the NCBP proof of posting the public notice within ten (10) days from the last day of posting;

c) the posted public notice should remain in place for three (3) consecutive weeks from date of posting;

d) the proponents shall adhere as closely as possible to the planting and monitoring schedule for this site. Modifications in the planting and monitoring schedule could be made with the concurrence of the NCBP;

e) the 150m physical or temporal isolation of the GMO shall be observed at all times;

f) that to further ensure temporal isolation, the proponent should plant not earlier than three (3) weeks after the last sowing date of the regular crops for the 2007 dry season;

g) to minimize further the cross pollination of non-transgenic and transgenic crops, the proponents has to follow closely the submitted protocol, to wit:

g.1) five (5) rows of corn plants shall be planted fifteen days after transplanting of rice seedlings; and

g.2) five (5) rows of PSBRc82 should surround the experimental area, while two rows of the same should be planted in between plots;

h) all confinement measures should be in place before the actual transplanting of rice seeds;

i) the proponents shall ensure that only authorized persons are allowed inside the test site;

j) the proponents shall ensure that stray animals are excluded from the test site while tests are being conducted;

k) the proponents shall provide a space within the test site for disposal of the plant materials used;

l) the harvested grains
shall be properly labeled and stored at the designated Seed Storage facility where transgenic seeds are kept, while plant materials and other plant debris used within the test site should be burned;

m) after harvest, the test site will be left fallow for 30-45 days;

n) strict monitoring for volunteer plants will be undertaken for two consecutive weeks after harvest; if necessary the proponents will irrigate the test site to induce germination of seeds;

o) the proponents shall strictly comply with the additional requirements that the NCBP may impose, as necessary, during the test period;

p) that the proponents shall strictly adhere to the provisions on Section 5 of the Planned Release Guidelines on GMOs and PHEs, i.e., Monitoring and Reports.
Date Received 2007-12-03
Date of Approval 2008-01-12


Regulated Materials

Regulated Materials N/A
Source N/A
Subject Request for NCBP approval of the revised proposal
Requesting Party Dr. Darshan S. Brar, Chairperson, IRRI-IBC
Action of NCBP NCBP approved the conduct of the confined test using 20 BC2F4 progenies as plant material