Project Information

Reference Number 20080229
Project Title Plasmid Cloning of PRK and rps16 Genes of Sago for DNA Sequencing
Project Type Contained Use
Status Completed
Name of Institution University of the Philippines Mindanao (UP Mindanao)
Cooperating Institution N/A
Project Leader(s) Dr. Severo T. Bastian, Jr.
Experimental Facility/Site Laboratory experiments including DNA extraction, DNA concentration test, PCR amplification of the target gene, electrophoresis and plasmid cloning will be done at the Molecular Biology Laboratory at UP Mindanao.
Purpose / Objectives The primary aim of this research proposal is to generate a database of DNA sequence of Metroxylon species in Mindanao which shall contribute to bioinformatics. This shall be carried out using DNA sequence data from the chloroplast rps 16 intron and PRK genes. The study shall entail the following:

a.Generate the complete DNA sequence of cpDNA rps 16 and PRK genes from spiny and non-spiny sago palms;

b.Establish the genetic variations among populations of Sago in Mindanao and categorize between spiny and non-spiny sago palms;

c.Generate data for bioinformatics of sago species;

d.Construct phylogeny of Sago palms in Mindanao and correlate this taxonomic data with high starch-yielding property.
Biosafety measures a.The physical containment of the laboratory belongs to Biosafety Level 1. Procedures and laboratory facilities for biosafety are strictly observed and followed.

b.Proper sterilization and decontamination of laboratory wares and consumables used in the experiment are done using the autoclave machine. Autoclave machine is readily available in the laboratory and is cleaned once a month.

c.Personnel involved in the conduct of this study are given orientation and already have hands-on training of the chemicals, reagents and equipments used.

d.Working areas are cleaned and disinfected before and after the experiment and spills are properly cleaned. Cabinets, refrigerators and ultra low freezers are provided for the storage of laboratory consumables and reagents. The laboratory is designed to have a sink for hand-washing and shower room for emergency shower purposes only.

e.Designation of risk areas are properly labeled and strictly imposed to the laboratory users. Biosafetiness of the equipment, glasswares and chemicals are also provided.

f.All contaminated liquid or solid wastes are decontaminated before disposal. All types of chemical reagents waste used especially ethidium bromide and products of plasmid cloning will be discarded in accordance with the Proper Guidelines on Health and Biosafety.
Conditions for Approval Cover Sheet for Assessment of Proposal
Biosafety Contingency Plan
Date Received 2008-02-28
Date of Approval 2008-09-06


Regulated Materials

Regulated Materials N/A
Source N/A
Subject UP Mindanao-IBC’s endorsement of the proposal for NCBP approval
Requesting Party Dr. Reynaldo G. Abad, Chairman, UP Mindanao-IBC
Action of NCBP Approved for implementation