Project Information

Reference Number 19910003
Project Title CE91- 2-1/ Genome Manipulation Activity #8. Application and Improvement of Transformation Methods
Project Type Contained Use (Laboratory)
Status N/A
Name of Institution International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Los Baños, Laguna
Cooperating Institution none
Supervising IBC IRRI,College, Laguna
Project Leader(s) Francisco J. Zapata, Tissue Culture Specialist, IRRI
Experimental Facility/Site IRRI, Philippines
Purpose / Objectives 1. To develop a saturated genetic map of rice and use it to locate genes governing traits of agronomic importance.

2. To supplement the sources of genetic variation available to rice researchers and farmers.

3.Optimization of conditions for PEG- mediated and electroporation transformation using plasmid DNA containing the rice amylase promoter/ GUS fusion gene.

4. Regeneration of transformed calli of selected japonica and indica varieties.
Biosafety measures 1. Plants transformed with the plasmid will be grown in a containment facility.

2. Panicles of flowering plant will be bagged to prevent release of pollen.

3. Plants used in transformation studies will be destroyed after experiment.
Conditions for Approval Should comply with the guidelines endorsed by NCBP
Date Received 1991-10-15
Date of Approval 1992-02-18


Regulated Materials

Regulated Materials 10 ug of Plasmid DNA containing the Rice amylase promoter/ GUS fusion gene.
Source University of California, Davis, USA
Subject Request to import plasmid DNA containing the rice amylase promoter/ GUS fusion gene
Requesting Party Dr. Francisco J. Zapata, Tissue Culture Specialist,IRRI
Action of NCBP Approved for implementation