Project Information

Reference Number 19950050
Project Title 1) Induction of Male Sterility in Transgenic Rice; 2) Production of Insect-Resistant Transgenic Rice; 3) Transgenic New Plant Type (NPT) to enhance Starch Synthesis; 4) Production of Transgenic Rice Conferring Resistance to Insects; 5) Expression of Seed
Project Type Contained Use (Greenhouse)
Status N/A
Name of Institution International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Los Baños, Laguna
Cooperating Institution 1) Universite de Bordeaus II. Laboratoire de Biologie Cellulaire, Av. Des Facultes, 33405 Talence Cedex France
2) Biotechnology Research Center
3) Institute of Biological Chemistry,
4) Department of Biochemistry
40 Marie Curie, Ottawa IKN 6N5
5) Molecular Biology Laboratory
Chinese Academy of Agricultural
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi- 110067, India
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Pullman, Washington, USA
Road, Beijing 10081 P.R. China
School of Life Sciences
Sciences (CAAS) 30 Baishiqiao
Washington State University
Supervising IBC IRRI-IBC
Project Leader(s) Swapan K. Datta, Plant Biotechnologist
Experimental Facility/Site 1) Philippines (IRRI); 2) Philippines (IRRI) and China (Biotechnology Research Center, CAASP)
Purpose / Objectives 1) To obtain transgenic male sterile rice lines and eventually engineered hybrid rice.
2) To produce transgenic rice engineered with synthetic Bt gene and CPTI (cowpea proteinase inhibitor) gene towards durable insect resistance.
3) To enhance the starch content in the transgenic NPT rice.
4) To produce transgenic rice with synthetic Bt toxin genes driven by different promoters conferring resistance to insect pests.
5) To produce transgenic rice engineered with AmAm1 gene for protein quality improvement.
Biosafety measures 1. The tested plants will be kept in isolation in the Phytotron or transgenic greenhouse to prevent escape of pollen and access by unauthorized personnel.
2. Panicles of flowering plants will be bagged as an additional precaution against escape of pollen.
3. Plant materials for disposal will be placed in sealed plastic bags and autoclaved prior to incineration.
4. Pots and soil will be autoclaved at high temperature and high pressure after use.
5. Transgenic seeds will be kept in
hermetically sealed aluminum foil
packages, inside a sealed metal
container and stored in locked
refrigerators designated for storage
of transgenic seeds in the Tissue
Culture Laboratory of IRRI.
Conditions for Approval N/A
Date Received 1995-09-19
Date of Approval 1995-10-05


Regulated Materials

Regulated Materials N/A
Source N/A
Subject Request of Dr. F.A. Bernardo
Requesting Party Dr. F.A. Bernardo, Deputy Director General for International Services/ IRRI, IRRI
Action of NCBP Approved for Implementation

For issuance of permit to import Plasmids DNA by the Plant Quarantine Services, Bureau of Plant Industry