Project Information

Reference Number 19960070
Project Title Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccine Development, Licensing and Production and Animal Disease Technology Development and Services
Project Type Contained Use
Status N/A
Name of Institution Department of Science and Technology (DOST),Gen. Santos Ave., Bicutan, Taguig, M. Mla.
Cooperating Institution 1. University of the Philippines Foundation, Inc.
2. National Crop Protection Center (NCPC), UPLB
4. Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI)
Supervising IBC UPLB-IBC
Project Leader(s) Luciano Talens, Balik-Scientist 96- 11,DOST
Experimental Facility/Site UPLB, Philippines
Purpose / Objectives 1. To develop, license and produce inactivated foot and mouth disease vaccine as an aid in the protection of Philippine livestock against foot and mouth disease.
2. To develop diagnostic tests for FMD types and subtypes in support of killed FMD vaccine.
3. To develop printed information in support of inactivated FMD vaccine.
Biosafety measures 1. Containment capabilities
2. Sterilization Procedures
3. Personnel awareness of biosafety procedures
4. Labeling/ designation of “risk” areas
5. Decontamination facilities
6. “Biosafetiness” of equipment
Conditions for Approval Committee emphasized that the endorsement is given based on biosafety considerations only and does not prejudice the imposition of other requirements according to existing Philippine Quarantine Laws. Also, the endorsement of the project is for the vaccine development stage only, the production phase and any succeeding activities will have to go through the NCBP for clearance.
Date Received 1996-11-22
Date of Approval 1997-03-17


Regulated Materials

Regulated Materials FMD Virus
Source N/A
Subject Request of Dr. Ida Dalmacio for endorsement of the proposal
Requesting Party Dr. Ida Dalmacio, Chairperson, UPLB-IBC
Action of NCBP Approved for Implementation

For issuance of permit to import FMD Virus by the Plant Quarantine Services, Bureau of Plant Industry