Project Information

Reference Number 19970072
Project Title I) The Effect of Mycofungicide (Ketomium) on Soil Organisms; 2) The Effect of Ketomium on the Growth of Mushrooms (Volvariella volvacea)
Project Type Contained Use
Status N/A
Name of Institution Sudaco Baracatan Durian Germplasm
Cooperating Institution N/A
Supervising IBC DACON- IBC
Project Leader(s) E.P.M. Valdez
Experimental Facility/Site Davao, Philippines
Purpose / Objectives 1) To identify the soil organisms before and after application of Ketomium.

2) To determine the effect of Ketomium
on the soil organisms.

3) To determine the effect of Ketomium Mycofungicide on the growth and yield of Mushrooms (Volvariella volvacea).
Biosafety measures N/A
Conditions for Approval I) 1) Soil microorganisms found in the experimental areas should be identified before and after applications of Ketomium.

2) The population of the identified soil organisms per given volume of soil should be determined before and after application of Ketomium.

3) The cultural and morphological characteristics of the identified soil microorganisms should be noted before and after the application of Ketomium.

4) Collect soil samples before application of Ketomium and 30 days after; Collect only soil samples on the surface and 6 inches below.

II) 1. The amount of Ketomium to be used for each treatment
Date Received 1997-01-14
Date of Approval 1997-03-17


Regulated Materials

Regulated Materials Ketomium
Source Thailand
Subject Request of Mr. Ismael A. Elevazo for proposal endorsement
Requesting Party Mr. Ismael A. Elevazo
Action of NCBP Approved for Implementation

For issuance of permit to import Ketomium by the Plant Quarantine Services, Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI)