Project Information

Reference Number 19970083
Project Title Use of Cluconidase (gus A) Gene as a Marker to Monitor the Fate of Pseudomonas solanacearum E. F. Smith in the Soil and Tomato (Lycopesicon esculentum Mill)
Project Type Contained Use
Status N/A
Name of Institution National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (BIOTECH),University of the Philippines Los Banos, College, Laguna,049-536-2721; 536-2724
Cooperating Institution N/A
Supervising IBC UPLB- IBC, IRRI- IBC
Project Leader(s) Rosario Monsalud, University Researcher
Experimental Facility/Site Philippines (BIOTECH- UPLB)
Purpose / Objectives 1. To introduce the reporter gene B- glucuronidase from E. coli to P. solanacearum.

2. To monitor and compare the colonization behavior/ pattern of the labeled strain in susceptible and resistant tomato varieties.

3. To determine the effects of temperature and moisture on the population of P. solanacearum in the soil.
Biosafety measures 1. Containment capabilities
2. Sterilization procedures
3. Personnel awareness of biosafety procedures
4. Labelling/ designation of “risk” areas
5. Decontamination facilities
6. “Biosafetiness” of equipment
Conditions for Approval The committee further recommended that the gantt chart be modified to indicate where each activity is going to be conducted for the purpose of determining which among those will be carried out in a contained facility.
Date Received 1997-09-09
Date of Approval 1997-10-13


Regulated Materials

Regulated Materials N/A
Source N/A
Subject Letter of Dr. Ida Dalmacio for proposal endorsement
Requesting Party Dr. Ida Dalmacio, Chairperson, UPLB-IBC
Action of NCBP Approved for implementation